Many business people and tourists travel to China equipped with the latest book on Chinese etiquette or a long check list of “Do’s and don’ts”. Often they are given a proper training in how they have to treat “the Chinese” – and then discover it is all different. There is no such thing as a homogenous Chinese just as there is no typical German. However, there are certain values, customs and types of behaviour which arise from the country’s history, culture and philosophy and the majority of the Chinese people are influenced by them in various ways.

That is why China Partners does not want to pass on any strict rules and ways of behaving towards the Chinese in its workshops. Rather it is our intention, to open our participants’ hearts and minds to be able to understand their ways so that they can act suitably and be at the same time authentic toward their personal and business contacts. This is especially important for managers and senior staff as dealing with Chinese business partners can prove to be a very special challenge.

Many types of behaviour and approach which work at home cannot simply be transferred to the Chinese business world and culture – such as having discussions and how decisions are taken. On the other hand, what are thought to be barriers can become constructive points of contact if trouble is taken to deal respectfully with specific aspects of each other’s (business) cultures. Our workshops are geared to do just that. They are held both as public lectures as well as specifically for the target groups of companies, institutions and associations with corresponding main themes.