Our Range of Service Products:

  • Opening up and creating successful business relationships
  • Consulting activities in connection with setting up companies, financial investments and takeovers
  • Intercultural management and business coaching
  • Brand, product and customer communication
  • Seminars and lectures on selected topics
  • Translation, interpreting and supporting activities

Our Expertise:

  • Comprehensive expertise related to assignments, type of business and markets,
  • Made-to-measure concepts, strategies and approaches,
  • Intercultural management, consulting and coaching expertise.

Our Approach

  • We work together with a networt of Chinese and German experts who can be deployed and directed in accordance with the client’s own targets
  • We are business partners, able to develop and implement made-to-measure concepts and approaches together with our clients
  • The standards we set for China Partners and our associated experts, companies and customers reflect  professionalism, sound business sense and reliability,
  • Our achievement and profit-oriented strategies for our customers and for China Partners is in line with these standards.