China und Germany – different worlds?

The wave of globilisation has resulted in a strengthening of the economic links between the countries concerned. Of course, this also applies to China and Germany.

Essentially this concerns the opening-up of commercial outlets, mergers and relocation of production plants and/or jobs. However, hardly any of the discussions take into account that cross-border activities are also cross-culture activities and this can seriously affect the teamwork and commercial success of the project.

Although a progressive alignment of economic systems may be taking place, this does not mean that mentality, values, and ways of communicating and behaving are automatically harmonizing as well. On the contrary, the closer economic ties become, the more the unfamiliarity of the other culture becomes apparent, thus requiring both parties to take a closer look at the inherent values of their opposite number. Experience has shown that the success or failure of commercial operations in and with a foreign country depends to a great extent on the ability of those involved to deal successfully with the other culture and its representatives.

Our lectures and workshops are designed to create an understanding of the Chinese and German business cultures and their specific backgrounds as well as to point out where they differ and what features they have in common.