At the current time, China is going through a period of rapid economic upheaval. On its way to one of the leading globally involved economic nations,it is regarded by the general public with amazement, partly mixed with envy, partly with mistrust.

Frequently the image portrayed by the media is limping way behind Chinese reality or only reflects particular aspects. In view of its enormous growth rate, it fluctuates between euphoria for a market with unlimited possibilities and mistrust towards China as a world power organised on communist lines.

Hardly any other country is so frequently misunderstood and  misjudged as a nation, market, competitor and partner as China with its unique system based on the philosophical ideas of Confucianism, the political history of the origins of communism and the economically successful model of capitalism.

In our lectures and presentations you will find out more about the correlation and background of the current Chinese society, economy and politics. Knowledge and information which will make it easier to gain access to this country and which will expand your understanding of China.

On behalf of institutions, companies and associations, China Partners provides specific lectures for selected target groups. In these lectures, Marina Salland-Staib will share her wide knowledge about China with its many facettes and characteristics which she has gained at close quarters through sound practical experience over many years.