China Partners supports:

  • Chinese companies wanting to start operations or expand existing operations in Germany,
  • German companies wanting to set up or expand their businesses in China, as well as
  • German-Chinese joint ventures in both China and Germany, and
  • Institutions and associations dealing with problems arising in a German-Chinese context.

Our business operations focus mainly on:

  • Industrialists, managing directors, sales and production managers with their teams in their constructive relationships with business associates and customers from a different cultural environment with differing business norms, behaviour and ways of communicating.  

China Partners aims to:

  • provide our customers with the background and know-how they need to find suitable solutions,
  • take on assignments and projects which require a high degree of cultural and regional expertise,
  • provide a consulting service tailored to the needs of specific companies, business branches or markets to ensure successful business operations and market canvassing.