Business Coaching

When Chinese and German companies decide to work together, it is a meeting of conflicting cultural and business concepts. In addition, the significantly different work style and way of dealing with each other can lead to a feeling of insecurity, misunderstandings and blockades which can end in friction or even to complete deadlock

It has been proved that companies can fail in their undertaking due to unrecognised or unsolved conflicts even though they have invested enormous sums in building up production and sales and have outstanding products and an enthusiastic staff at their disposal. On the other hand, companies have a decisive, strategic competitive edge when they manage to deal competently with these cultural and inherent differences between the systems 

China Partners support German and Chinese skilled workers and managerial staff with individual or team coaching by helping them:

  • to recognise the differences and the common ground between the two business communities,
  • to understand their business partner’s way of thinking and line of action,
  • to create and structure a successful bilateral cooperation,
  • to develop sensitivity for critical situations in order avoid conflicts,
  • to work out constructive solutions when unavoidable conflicts have arisen.

In collaboration with the European Academy of Business Coaching, we are also in a position to offer a certified training and further education programme which is eligible for subsidies for:

  • company and personnel management in Germany and China,
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes for in-house personnel coaches,
  • qualification as a European Business Coach for business activities in Germany.

We will be happy to provide further information as well as arrange individual courses when contacted personally.