Arranging Contacts between Interested Clients/Conflict Resolution

Having a successful business relationship depends to a very great extent on having the background knowledge of and a feeling for the business norms and subtleties of Chinese business culture. A translation in itself is not enough; what is really important is the ability to understand messages which may not have been articulated clearly but which are nevertheless unresolved, or to read between the lines. 

Frequently misunderstandings arise between negotiating partners due to ambiguities and wrong interpretations about the objectives and assumptions of each of the parties concerned and these can lead to the whole joint project falling through.

We are in a position to assist and advise you during business meetings as intercultural intermediaries to ensure that the communication remains constructive; we can support you by helping the talks to run smoothly and make sure your Chinese partners are aware of your interests.
Furthermore we can support you during managerial or staff meetings or team-building in Chinese-German companies.

When mergers or buying companies are on the agenda, we can assist with the integration managment and intercultural understanding between Chinese and German skilled workers and management.

Should any areas of conflict arise, or if achieving your objectives with your Chinese business partners should come to a standstill, we will go into possible causes and work out proposals to solve the problem.